Cash Drawers - Your buying Guide to Purchasing a Cash Drawer

Which Cash Drawer do I buy?

There are many Point of Sale Cash Drawers on the market in Australia which can be confusing. We are here to assist you before you make your purchase. 

POS Deals can help you choose the specific type dependent on your requirements.

Printer Driven Cash Drawers

The most common are style are Printer Driven Cash Drawers which are connected by an RJ12 connector (similar to a telephone port) directly into the drawer kick (DK) port of your receipt printer. These are also known as 24-volt drawers because that is the voltage in which the printer port uses to activate the solenoid.

If you are using an iPad POS System you will need to use one of these drawers and connect to a compatible Receipt Printer.

These are available in three sizes: Standard Full Size, Compact and Flip Top.

Manual Cash Drawers

Manual Cash Drawers can be opened via key, button or "Push to Open, Push to Close". There are also cash drawer triggers available if you would like to open the cash drawer via an electronic push button. POS Cash Drawers can be used manually and opened using the key but some find that over time, the keys tend to snap or break off with continual movements back and forth.

Flip Top Cash Drawers

If you are looking for an alternate drawer, you can also look at the Flip Top Style which can be mounted within a countertop or bench where the top of the cash drawer will flip in an upwards position.

12 Volt Cash Drawers

Some POS Systems that have their cash drawers connected directly to the port on the POS System and sometimes a 12v drawer is required. Remember, this is not always the case as some use a 24v standard drawer so please check this with the manufacturer of the terminal to ensure you are purchasing the correct one.

Compact Cash Drawers

If you are looking for a space-saving drawer then going with a compact cash drawer is the way to go. The compact drawers are mainly measured in width because although compact, they still require space to put notes in the back section and coins in the front. There is normally around 10mm difference in height as well which can make that difference you require to fit the cash drawer in the space you have allowed for.

Generally, a standard drawer is approx 410mm (41cm) wide and the compact 350mm (35cm) in width. The compact drawers also generally have 4 note whereas a standard drawer has 5 Notes.

So which cash drawer do I purchase?

As you can see by the different types of cash drawers that are available, it is a good idea to research and check compatibility, what is it going to be plugged into, the voltage and most importantly the area in which you have to either place or mount the drawer. Cash Drawer Brackets are available on selected models which allows you to fix the drawer to the bottom of the bench for security.

We hope that this information has been helpful and can assist you in purchasing your next cash drawer.

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